Constant Clean

Your time is valuable…

Wipe going to the car wash off your schedule…. forever.

Constant Clean™ is a mobile car wash and mobile car detailing subscription. [ download PDF flyer ]
There are three levels of Constant Clean™ based on the client’s preferred wash frequency.

The Constant Clean™ Advantage

  • Set recurring appointments based on your busy schedule
  • Spiffy maintains your car’s cleanliness
  • Never wait in line at a car wash again
  • You develop a relationship with a trusted service partner
  • Your car is cleaner
  • You feel better
  • You are more productive

Three levels of Constant Clean™

Emperor 26x per year with car detail cleanliness
King 12x per year with car wash cleanliness
Royal 6x per year with car wash cleanliness

As a member of the Constant Clean™ Emperor Level, your car’s first service is our “Totally Awesome Detail” which will return your car to as close to “like-new” as possible.

We will shampoo all your upholstery, deep clean and protect all of your leather, blow out and clean every nook, cranny and cup holder on the inside of your car. The outside will get our signature mobile hand car wash plus our three step paint improvement, shine and wax process. The end result is your car looking like new.

Then every two weeks we will maintain that detail level of cleanliness with a seasonal rotation of our car wash and detail services… waxing, shampooing, and scrubbing when needed… in short, maintaining that Spiffy detail clean condition all year.

We offer two other levels of service: King and Royal.


Clients begin with a “Totally Awesome Detail” then receive bi-weekly Spiffy mobile car washes inside and out and seasonal “Awesome” mobile car detailing. It is ideally designed for the client who wants their vehicle kept in a detail clean, like-new condition throughout the year.

Frequency 26 x per year
Pricing $119/month Sedan
$139/month Non-Sedan
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For the client who prefers a monthly level of Spiffy car washing and 4 waxes per year.

Frequency 12 x per year
Pricing $49/month Sedan
$59/month Non-Sedan
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For the client who prefers a seasonal Spiffy car washing and 2 waxes per year.

Frequency 6 x per year
Pricing $25/month Sedan
$29/month Non-Sedan
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Our Penguins

EMPEROR: The emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and is native to Antarctica. The emperor penguin grows up to 45” tall and weighs up to 88 lbs.

KING: The king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is the second largest species of penguin, growing up to 36” tall and weighs up to 35 lbs.

ROYAL: The royal penguin (Eudyptes schlegeli) is a species of penguin, which can be found on the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island and adjacent islands. The royal penguin grows up to 26” tall and weighs up to 18 lbs.

*SEDAN: 4 doors/less + 2 rows of seats/less.

*NOT-SEDAN: 3 rows of seats or more; 5 doors or more; SUV; Minivan; Large Truck.

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